Bobby comes from the Providence, Rhode Island area and enjoys singing lead, tenor and (only if needed) baritone. He was inspired by the 45's and LP's of the Del Vikings, Jackie Wilson, Roy Orbison, Dion and Brian Wilson and later from the pure A cappella sounds of barbershop harmony. Bobby, Jack Duffy and Jack Gross are the original members of the Boomerz doo wop A Cappella group.

Jack comes from State College, Pennsylvania... home of Penn State University. A barbershop singer for ten years, he also enjoys playing the  guitar and harmonica. Jack loves singing in his church choir. He enjoys great harmonies and hopes that the Boomerz will continue to provide their audiences with a listening experience that exceeds their expectations.

Duff (the other Jack) hails from Philadelphia, and the sweet sounds of street corner harmony. The second of seven children, his older brother introduced him to group harmony songs and he fell in love with their great sound. Having not too much success with singing while growing up, (except sing for the Lord in church choirs), his love for A cappella and group harmony never changed and in 1989 he ventured into the barbershop world. It was here that he met Bobby and Jack and the Boomerz were formed.

Richard has lived in Tampa since the age of four, though he was born in Michigan.  After giving up on Astronautical Engineering, he earned his degree from USF in Vocal Music Education.  One year of teaching was enough, though various church choirs suffered under his direction over the years.  After  time away from music, he returned to his love of singing and joined the Master Chorale in Tampa until health problems prevented him from continuing.  The opportunity to sing bass again (in a whole new genre!) presented itself in the form of three great guys willing to tolerate his more formal and classical background and put up with explanations of ‘arpeggios.’

Steve From Hollywood Fl. Started singing and playing drums as a kid, was heavily influenced by my neighborhood group the Cornelius Brothers and Sister Rose. Sang with the Five Boroughs for a number of years. Love singing vocal group harmony, and very excited to be with the Boomerz.
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